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Anne Fox Fired Her Main Man, Writer Claims

Mon., Feb. 13, 1995

Idaho Superintendent of Schools Anne Fox may have found a new way to leave your honey: Can him. According to Twin Falls columnist Frank E. Lockwood, there were interesting emotional strings attached to Fox’s firing of Chief Deputy Terry Haws. And I quote from a Lockwood column before the fall: “Fox was spotted holding hands with her No. 2 man at Batt inauguration activities. They have each other’s pictures on their new cherry-wood furniture: Fox and Haws at a wedding, Haws and Fox at another festive social event, plus tiny professional portraits, mounted in the same frame. Fox for her part, maintains that theirs is simply a professional relationship.” Hmmmmm. Maybe now the Education Department can get some work done.

Gone with the worms: Apparently, there IS room at the inn - the Holiday Inn, that is. New Hope Bible Church will meet there for the first time next Sunday. The church has been looking for a room since two members contracted Graves’ disease while meeting in a Coeur d’Alene Industrial Park building that once housed a worm farm. … Gone With The Waves: Political maverick Wally Wright has tested his sea legs in Puget Sound since his November defeat. But he’ll be back after spending a year sailing the Pacific Ocean - this time possibly as a Republican in search of a state Senate race in Districts 1 through 4. … It’s My 2 Cents: Speaking of fallen solons, Channel 58 needs to change its “Viewpoint” format featuring Democrat Barb Chamberlain and Republican Dean Haagenson. The two present back-to-back commentaries about 6:20 p.m. Friday during the newscast. They should face off against each other a la “Firing Line.”

Pricey in Boise: The media squawked loudly when Superintendent Fox leased a pricey Ford Crown Victoria after cutting staff to save money. But no one said anything when Boise State University President Charles Ruch leased a nearly identical FCV the same week for $540 monthly. Why? The private BSU Foundation is picking up Ruch’s tab - not taxpayers. … Mullan Mayor Gary Pemble dumped his entire planning commission last month after reading the small print in the municipal code. Seems every commissioner was serving illegally. Their terms had expired. … Our Man In Sandpoint ran into a stone wall recently while interviewing a General Services Administration bureaucrat. Finally, OMIS said in exasperation, “Well, let’s go off the record then.” And received this reply: “We don’t do off the record since that Connie Chung thing.”

Huckleberries: Dunno who was more nervous when a Post Falls animal-control pickup drove into Cy’s Butcherie on Seltice Way - Fido or the customers. … FYI: Likable Joe Stanosch, KVNI’s manager for the past decade, is going, going … Joe’s taking the fall for KVNI’s poor market share. Stay tuned. … I consider the station’s local sports broadcasts top notch as well as Dick Haugen’s clever “News that Doesn’t Make the News” feature weekday mornings. … Separated At Birth: Shoshone County Assessor Duane Little and Polish leader Lech Walesa? … Post Falls officials felt they beat the devil when Ron Rankin’s tax-financing initiative was defeated last week. Maybe they did. The number of people who voted on Rankin’s side was a revelation: 666. … It took me awhile, but I finally got the message meant by the busy woman driving this vanity plate: “1BSYLDY.”

Parting shot: Some North Idaho College teachers and students are upset that athletes and nurses register first. They think that’s unfair (which it is). In fact, faculty members huddled with NIC President Bob Bennett Friday to discuss the matter. When NIC Sentinel News Editor Rachel Williams and another staffer arrived to cover the high-profile controversy, however, King Bob gave them the boot. Ve veel not let you stay, fraulein. Translation: The Open Meeting Law may apply in the real world but not in the Kingdom of NIC.


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