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Kudos for Anderson

More than a few local officials suspected problems ahead for the city and other county taxing districts, thanks to a plethora of appeals to new assessments of commercial property. But most were content to keep mum - despite the fact that major revisions in assessments could mean major cuts in city and school district budgets - until Spokane City Councilman Chris Anderson blew the whistle on the whole mess … We’ve taken shots at Anderson in the past; seems only fair to acknowledge him this time.

Like Rodney Dangerfield said

When the Spokane School Board had two of its five members missing from a recent meeting, President Rob Fukai cracked up the room: “We’ll act like the county commissioners since there are only three of us here.” After the laughter died, he added, “No, we won’t.”

Quiz: The ediface complex

Guess who’s talking, and about what: “An imposing structure that reaches up and tears at the heavens, protecting all it encounters and yielding to none … a structure created to endure the ages and as much a part and fashion and foundation of this community as has ever been physically conceived here.”

Floating a lead balloon

State Rep. Cathy McMorris has an idea for changing the Senate, and wants the Legislature to ask Congress and the president for support… Instead of electing senators from equally populated districts, the Colville Republican thinks each county should pick one. It’d give more voice to rural concerns from the eastern counties, she says … Hard to guess who will think less of this: counties like King, Pierce and Spokane, that would lose multiple senators? Or the U.S. Supreme Court, which established the oneperson, one-vote doctrine about five years before McMorris was born?

A new chance to be heard

County commissioners will give citizens a chance to speak their minds every Tuesday night. A 15-minute public forum will be added to the weekly agenda, after the commission’s regular business and before any public hearings … Anything regarding county government is fair game.

Answer to today’s quiz

Charles Dickens on Westminster Abbey? Nice try; no cigar. It was Commissioner Steve Hasson describing the Spokane County Courthouse - which turns 100 this year - in the preamble of a resolution creating a special centennial committee. The resolution passed unanimously, without the other commissioners waxing eloquent.

Getting involved

City of Spokane has a vacancy on the Park Board and another on the Sports Entertainment, Arts and Conventions Advisory Board. Apply by Friday, mayor’s office, fifth floor of City Hall.


This is a sidebar that appeared with the story: Hot Topics

Tonight, 7 p.m.: Boundary Review Board listens to Valley incorporation arguments. North Pines Junior High, N701 Pines. Tuesday, 5 p.m.: Spokane County Commission ponders whether to allow manufactured homes in all residential zones of unincorporated areas. Public Works Building, W1026 Broadway. Thursday, 5:30 p.m.: Minority freeholders discuss an alternative to the majority’s plan to consolidate Spokane city and county government. Health District Building, W1101 College.

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