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Across Generations: Foreman-Tyson Would Match Old Vs. Young

George Foreman wants Mike Tyson - and the fight may be set in motion sooner than anyone expected.

Tyson, whom officials have called a “model prisoner,” will be released from prison on March 25, more than a month earlier than Indiana state prison officials had planned.

The Foreman-Tyson matchup, if it occurs, could be one of the biggest - and strangest - fights in boxing history.

“I would love to fight Mike Tyson,” the oldest heavyweight champion in history said Tuesday, of the man who was the youngest heavyweight champion in history. “That would definitely prove that age is no barrier.”

Tyson, 28, was convicted in February 1992 of raping a teenage beauty contestant, Desiree Washington, in Indianapolis. He entered prison one month later.

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