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No rooting allowed

The Montana High School Association has forbidden a KGEZ radio broadcaster from announcing any postseason basketball games this year because of comments he made over the air.

Tom Root was sanctioned for an outburst criticizing refs in violation of MHSA and Montana Broadcasters Association joint rules of conduct. Kalispell school board chairman Steven Berg said many letters of complaint were received about Root’s announcing. Some said Root was unfamiliar with players’ names, stumbled over words and berated officials.

That could get him a job calling Texas high school football.

For Clinton, there’s always Hope

President Clinton is going into the biggest golf game of his life without his favorite putter.

Clinton, scheduled to tee off in the Bob Hope Classic today, said he discovered his 35-yearold Bullseye putter was missing Tuesday morning and speculated he must have inadvertently stuck it in the bag of one of his golfing partners.

“I’ve got a gazillion (putters), but that’s the one I play with,” Clinton lamented. “It looks like something you’d find at an aging miniature golf course.”

That’s not the only reason Clinton’s a little anxious. He’s playing in a pretty high-powered fivesome and says he hasn’t had much practice lately.

Clinton’s partners are Bob Hope, former Presidents Ford and Bush, and defending champ Scott Hoch. “I’m a little nervous about it,” Clinton admitted.

It’s even money Clinton will find his putter before he finds a surgeon general.

Know what I mean, Vern?

When the Lakers moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis in 1960, star forward Vern Mikkelsen declined to accompany the team, despite an attractive offer. Owner Bob Short wanted Mikkelsen as a player-coach, offering a $25,000 salary plus one-quarter ownership of the team. Nothing doing, Vern replied.

“Five years later, I came down to breakfast and my wife has the newspaper out,” Mikkelsen recalled. “The headline says, `Short sells Lakers to Jack Kent Cooke for $5.5 million.’ And she had very quickly figured out what 25 percent of that was worth.”

Behind every good batsman …

Now this isn’t cricket. Sri Lankan batsman and wicketkeeper Hashan Tillekaratne wants to divorce his “party-loving” wife to save his cricketing career.

Tillekaratne told a court last week that his wife, Nadeesha, is busy attending social events and does not fix him supper when he comes home after a hard day in the wicket.

The last word …

“Darryl Strawberry is in trouble again. He has pleaded guilty to tax evasion and will spend three months in prison. So that means the next time he is traded it could be for a carton of cigarettes.”

- Jay Leno

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