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College Of Charleston States Its Case With Winning Streak

Look who’s streaking. Again.

The College of Charleston, which ran off 16 straight wins on the way to an NCAA berth last season, has the nation’s longest winning streak this year and a mission to finish what the Cougars began in 1994.

With four games left, Charleston has 12 straight wins.

“It’s a very exciting time for us right now, as we’re trying to match how we went to the finish line last season,” Charleston coach John Kresse said Tuesday. “However, we can’t put the cart before the horse.”

The Cougars rolled their cart right into the NCAA tournament a year ago after a 24-3 season and Trans America Athletic Conference title.

They were in just their second year in the league and ineligible for the conference tournament. But the NCAA selection committee felt the Cougars had a stellar enough season for their first-ever bid to the Big Dance.

Charleston isn’t eligible for the TAAC tournament this year. And when it comes NCAA selection time, their resume this year won’t have wins against big schools like 1994’s against Alabama and Penn State.