Cupid Snared Our Heart, So Now Our Life Is Merry

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15, 1995

On this Valentine’s Day plus one, let’s contemplate the art of the kiss. As in, who would you most want to do it to.

How about Kevin Costner and Cindy Crawford? According to a survey conducted by Princess Cruises, Costner leads the list of men that women most want to kiss. Crawford ranks tops among men.

The Love Boat Kiss and Tell Survey reported a notable menu of labial osculators that included: Men - John F. Kennedy Jr. and Brad Pitt (tie, 16 percent). Women - Michelle Pfeiffer (20 percent), Demi Moore (18 percent).

Other notations: The “Most Memorable Classic Movie Kiss” involved Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in “Gone with the Wind.” But the overall “Most Memorable Kiss” went to “Ghost,” starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Loose talk

Gloria Steinem on entering her seventh decade (in the New York Times): “Turning 50 was the end of an era, the era in which a woman is still a sexual, a reproductive commodity. Turning 60 is more like a beginning. I’m free. I can take chances. I don’t worry about having dates.”

At Dodgers games, he’s a real homer

Matt Groening turns 41 today.

We’d play hoops, but who’s gonna play skins?

Speaking of romance, Harlequin Books’ 1995 Romance Report lists the following as the most romantic celebrities: Men - 1. Brad Pitt, 2. (tie) Daniel Day Lewis, Kenneth Branagh, 4. Kevin Costner, 5. Hugh Grant, 6. Liam Neeson, 7. Ralph Fiennes, 8. Mel Gibson, 9. Tom Cruise, 10. David Caruso. Women - 1. Emma Thompson, 2. Meg Ryan, 3. Andie McDowell, 4. Michelle Pfeiffer, 5. (tie) Annette Bening, Janine Turner, 7. Helena Bonham Carter, 8. Meryl Streep, 9. Heather Locklear, 10. Whitney Houston.

This item really revs our engines

Of course, romance has its limits. In a survey of boat owners by Outboard Marine Corp., 64 percent of male respondents said they’d prefer a free outboard to having lunch with supermodel Kathy Ireland. The free outboard was also a winner over model Rachel Hunter (71 percent) and, big surprise here, comedian Roseanne (73 percent).

Life is like a… bunch of carrots?

Meanwhile, Cooking Light magazine offers the following tidbit of advice that all you “Forrest Gump” fans might want to remember next year (try hearing it as if Tom Hanks were speaking): “It’s Valentine’s Day, and boxes of chocolates - a touted aphrodisiac - are flying around the country faster than a speeding cherub. Why not send a box of carrots instead?”

In reality, Chucky is the one who’s lucky

Finally, this rare defense of Prince Charles as the loyal royal romantic for his continuing love of Camilla Parker Bowles: “He could have cast her off for a younger model any time, couldn’t he? And he didn’t,” writes Jill Parkin in the International Express. “At 47, she is still the one whose head he wants to see on his… pillow cases. Is it not the triumph of warmth, loyalty and love over glamour?”

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