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Gop Crime Bill

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15, 1995

Highlights of the GOP crime-fighting block grants bill which the House passed Tuesday, 238-192, and comparisons with the 1994 anticrime law. The Block grants bill is the centerpiece of the House Republicans’ six-part crime package:

Authorize $10 billion in block grants and give local authorities the choice of how to spend the money.

Replace the 1994 law’s authorization of $8.8 billion earmarked specifically for hiring 100,000 new police officers over six years and billions more for crime-prevention programs.

Eliminate prevention programs including: grants to local governments for education, job and substance abuse programs, in-school and afterschool grants involving tutoring, job preparation and athletics, up to 15 model programs for community services in high-crime areas, block grants for programs ranging from midnight basketball to establishing Boys Clubs in low-income housing, National Community Economic Partnership for development projects that benefit low-income individuals and communities, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms gang prevention programs.

Preserve $1.6 billion for a program to curb violence against women and $383 million for drug treatment for federal and state prisoners.

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