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Try Committing A Random Act Of Kindness

Hey! Be nice!

It’s National Random Acts of Kindness Week, and teens from the Spokane Leadership Institute are doing something about it.

To counteract the negative image of teens and to encourage teens and adults to work together, the ninth- through 12th-graders in SLI designed a poster for Kindness Week. The poster lists the ways adults and teens can be promoters, not demoters. It’s aimed at showing people that teens and adults have more in common than not. For example, most of Spokane’s teens are not causing problems within our community just as the majority of adults are fine, upstanding citizens.

Atomic red letters head the top of the flier, screaming: Warning. Kindess inspires kindness. To help spread the word, the Lincoln Heights Hastings store will be putting an SLI flier into their customers’ bags at checkout. Ralph Busch at the Spokane Arts Commission has invited SLI members to put the large, decorated posters in the display cases at the mayor’s office and in the skywalks. SLI members will be taking copies of the poster to their high schools and other organizations they belong to. The Tidyman’s stores on Cedar and on Addison will also give out the fliers.

The project is a great example of teen-adult cooperation. Anyone interested in copies of the poster or becoming involved in SLI can call 448-2678.


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