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Home Sales

Here are recent home sales, with address, seller and price:

W16904 Lakeside Drive, Medical Lake

Craig M. and Joanne C. Foster, $84,500. S651 Fiske Brett R. Malone, $46,995.

W1111 27th Rita Collins, $88,000.

S304 Ferrall Michael J. Dachowski, $61,000.

S1504 Walnut Maxine Bishop, P.R., $103,000.

S715 Ray David L. and Patricia J. Goodwin, $50,000.

E912 32nd Frances M. Reed, $84,000.

E402 28th Chad A.and Shannon D. Reel, $88,000.

E2716 12th Robert and Linda Cassellari Inc., $87,250.

E2716 12th Associated Relocation Management Co. Inc., $85,000.

1814 Sixth, Cheney James R. Sr. and Charlotte J. Dyck, $63,500.

1537 Ridgeview, Cheney Jacqueline C. Heinrick and Jerry G. Graybeal, $127,000.

E1928 Fourth Mark Kuno, $54,900.

502 Presley, Cheney Michael D. and Jerri L. Cummings, $84,000.

S611 Conklin Eldridge D. Colvin, $24,700.

E1628 15th David M. and Pamela J. Round, $109,000.

E703 32nd Paul A. and Barbara A. Carson, $95,000.

W928 15th Patrick A. Griffin, $113,000.

E2312 Fourth Charles J. and Dixie J. Washington, $53,500.

E420 Eighth Mercedes V. Brost, $35,000.

S621 Ivory Bertha Pattie, P.R., $26,000.

1005 Third, Cheney Duane G. and Mildred M. Thompson, $70,000.

S5211 Perry Susan A. Gilmartin, $200,000.

S4704 Windward Court C. Mark and Adrinne M. Choate, $148,000.

E3801 Highgrove Lane Parkland Homes Inc., $200,000.

S4312 Pondra Drive estate of Carolyn L. Hanna, $132,000.

S2820 Madison Virginia Spadoni, $145,000.

E3823 22nd Robert A. and Carol F. Numata, $104,500.

S4007 Rebecca Lane Parkland Homes, Inc., $166,951.

S1302 D Lee E. Tracy, $55,000.

S1325 Garfield Tamara A. Squires, $70,000.

W1908 10th Deane Anderson, $95,000.

E3807 30th Stephen C. and Susan J. Matteson, $65,000.

S111 Ralph Rose Chance, $37,500.

E414 11th Opal B. Hand, $50,000.

E1114 29th Harold W. and Mary E. Simon, $68,750.

1211 Holladay Drive, Cheney David R. and Deann M. Hooper, $86,000.

S4211 Tenfel Lane Parkland Homes, Inc., $189,210.

W508 28th Dorothy L. Brownlow, $100,000.

S3722 Union Court James L. and Linda S. Chapman, $164,000.

E1707 Cambridge Lane Linda Scheideman, $166,000.

E517 19th Sandy L. Nokes, $105,000.

S1820 Skipworth Marion M. McLellan, $136,900.

W612 Sumner George F. Jewett Foundation, $1,196,145.

E3725 Eighth Clifford M. Schmitz, $95,580.

E932 18th Kelly G. and Heidi V. Greenwood, $115,000.

S5405 Cheney Victor Dossey, Builder Inc., $125,625.

E2121 Ninth Robert A. and Margaret F. Failing, $89,000.

S5212 Cook Court Mark R. and Diane M. Busch, $147,000.

E956 41st Leonard K. Olson, $85,000.

S2601 Hargreaves Court Prudential Residential Services, $156,250.

1409 Gary, Cheney James R. Dyck Jr., $102,500.

E1220 20th Richard L. and Lynn R. Stucky, $251,500.

E1832 Fourth Billy J. Hill, $55,900.

E2007 Fifth Acquisition Inc., $57,000.

S2525 Myrtle James C. O’Daniel, Robert A. O’Daniel and Bonnie A. O’Daniel, $76,000.

S11903 Player Suzanne S. and Terry E. Hammer, $169,900.

W1104 25th Jeffrey M. and Keri D. Vanhorne, $77,500.

E1230 Rockwood Pines Lily L. Congdon, $440,000.