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Jail Cell Probably Next Stop For Best Avenue Avon Lady

The Avon Lady has shown spunk in fighting City Hall for several years now - though she’s totally in the wrong. Rose Christmann had no business setting up shop in a residential area along Best Avenue. But you have to admire the way she’s attracted national media attention and frustrated the bureaucrats while delaying the inevitable. Now, the 72-year-old is demanding a payment of $525 million from the 21 local officials she thinks are harassing her. (That’s quite a markup - even by cosmetic standards.) Unfortunately, Rose is going to find herself back in jail. A community can’t allow individuals to flout its laws. When the time comes, Rose should surrender peacefully - particularly if the city calls in the U.S. Marshal’s Service to arrest her.

Donkeys have reason for optimism, but …

Idaho Democrat leader Bill Mauk is optimistic that his D’s will rebound because supermajority Republicans have made “colossal” mistakes. Indeed, they have. Idaho Gov. Phil Batt and Superintendent of Schools Anne Fox stumbled out of the gate. Now, House Speaker Mike Simpson has introduced an anti-initiative amendment to protect a few bear baiters (see editorial above). But it’s going to take more than that to return Democrats to somewhat equal power in a conservative state. First, these mistakes are being made at the start of a two-year cycle. People will forget them by campaign ‘96. Secondly and more importantly, the Democrats will remain on the outside looking in as long as they embrace every left-wing cause that comes along.

It could be worse for Batt, Fox

In the past week, Batt and Fox have taken turns grousing about the treatment they’ve received from the media. Neither got the customary honeymoon period. Said Fox to 80 members of the ultraconservative U.S. Militia Association: “We were literally ambushed.” Hmmmm. They brought a lot of their problems on themselves. Even so, Batt and Fox should feel lucky. Democrats Larry EchoHawk and Willie Sullivan (remember them?) gladly would change places.

Micron & `Slick Willie’ attract fan mail

Subscriber Ralph Tate had this to say about my support of a Kootenai County site for Micron’s expansion: “Hahahahaha.” … And an anonymous caller threatened to cancel her subscription next time I refer to President Bill Clinton as “Slick Willie.” No use putting it off. Slick Willie. Slick Willie. Slick Willie.


Top stories in Idaho

Federal agency approves Idaho field burning rules

UPDATED: 12:41 p.m.

Federal officials have approved Idaho’s request to loosen field burning rules that backers say offer more flexibility to disperse smoke away from people but that health advocates say will lead to breathing problems for some area residents.