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Kamiah Rally Scheduled To Coincide With Gritz Event

A rally celebrating a “traditional American way of life” has been scheduled for Saturday in Kamiah an hour before an associate of James “Bo” Gritz is expected to speak.

Evah Jay of Kamiah, one of the rally organizers, said it “is a spontaneous reaction to recent events,” meaning the publicity Kamiah has received after Gritz and his supporters announced intentions to move to the area and establish a right-wing Christian Covenant Community.

Jay would not, however, characterize the rally as an anti-Gritz event.

“This is an opportunity for local residents to positively and enthusiastically express their support and pride in their community and America,” Jay said Monday.

Marchers carrying flashlights and slogans will march down Main Street on Saturday evening.

“I think we’re going to have a tremendous response,” she said.

Before the rally, Gerald McLamb, a former Arizona police officer who has bought property adjoining Gritz’s Almost Heaven subdivision north of Kamiah, will address the public.

He claims to be the most decorated Arizona officer of all time. McLamb is expected to talk about how police officers are being used by the government to suppress citizens’ freedom.

A spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department said there is no way to verify McLamb’s claims.

Gritz addressed a crowd of about 700 last August in Kamiah.