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Heston Gives Voice To King James

Sat., Feb. 18, 1995

Amid the laser-lit hype and computerenhanced jargon at the opening of the Intermedia Conference, the man who played Moses, John the Baptist and Judah offered a prophecy to the gathered mass of multimedia mongers.

“For filmmakers, multimedia is the future of movies,” actor Charlton Heston said while comparing its influence on the film industry to that of television.

“At first, most theater and movie people laughed at TV.”

But Heston isn’t laughing as he jumps into the multimedia market with his CD-ROM “Voyage Through the Bible,” scheduled to be released in the fall by Jones Interactive Inc.

Last week, Heston joined keynote speaker Glenn Jones, chief executive officer of Jones International Ltd., to tout the release, in which Heston narrates stories from the King James Bible and journeys to biblical sites.

“As an actor, I was stunned by how the multimedia format seduces the viewer,” said Heston, who received the loudest applause and the most smirks at the opening. “These (Bible) tales cry out for cameras and a multimedia format.”

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