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The Slice If Justin Were 23 Instead Of 3, His Meaning Would Be Clear

Sat., Feb. 18, 1995

Debbie Haase was driving with her 3-year-old son, Justin, when they passed a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“That’s where they have good chicks,” he announced.

At first, his mom thought that was pretty clever. “Then I wondered if, perhaps, he was spending too much time with his dad.”

Overheard: Cashier: “So what’s going on this weekend?”

Fortysomething guy: “Just taking my boys out and running some errands.”

Cashier: “Oh, one of those male bondage things.” - from R. Lake

Slice answer: Medical Lake’s Jessica Martin said the tension in workplaces is not between those people who have children and those who don’t. “It’s between those people who have children that sell things and everybody else.”

The city that never sleeps: So this guy calls Joye Gill’s number just before midnight. Wakes her up. Wrong number. No, she wasn’t selling a car. But curious about the idea of responding to a classified ad at that hour, she asked if he knew what time it was. “Yeah,” he said, blankly. “I just got off work.”

Jeanette Hood asks: “How many other Inland Northwest Roman Catholics thought, as children, that the phrase `infinite thy vast domain’ from the hymn `Holy God We Praise Thy Name’ was Latin, not English?”

Dress for success: According to his daughter, Randy Johnson once unwittingly went to work with a pair of his wife’s bikini panties inside the sleeve of his shirt.

And years ago, when she was a bailiff in Colfax, Evelyn Magon found herself standing before a jury when she realized she was wearing one brown shoe and one that was red - “The color of my face.”

Kid stuff: Adam Bartch, 11, asked his grandmother, Elaine LeFevre, if he was in her will. She asked why he wanted to know. “I want to go on a cruise someday,” he answered.

Today’s Slice question: How does Spokane look when seen in dreams?


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