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Legislative Action

Signed By Governor

HB12 (Speaker) Adds a member of the oil seed industry to the pure seed advisory board.

HB15 (Speaker) Increases the livestock control fee.

HB75 (Speaker) Simplifies form for changing birth certificates upon determination of child paternity.

Confirmed By Senate

Richard Cade, Boise, as a member of the State Racing Commission.

Drew Forney, Boise, as manager of the State Insurance Fund.

John Michael Brassey, Boise, as director of the Department of Insurance.

Introduced In House

HJR10 (Ways and Means) Provides that the right to regulate access to or use of wildlife and other natural resources shall not be subject to regulation by initiative.

HB289 (State Affairs) Allows legal notices to be broadcast by radio, television or cable television.

HB290 (State Affairs) Requires local government to review actions to determine whether they represents unconstitutional taking of private property.

HB291 (State Affairs) Requires Department of Transportation to include more information about state Open Range Law in driver’s license manual and questions about the law in driver’s license test.

HB292 (Revenue and Taxation) Requires director of Department of Water Resources to provide additional information to Legislature when requesting approval of minimum stream flow applications.

HB293 (State Affairs) Changes regulations on residential mortgage practices.

HB294 (Education) Allows teachers input into evaluation of building principals.

HB295 (Education) Repeals law attempting to collect money from parents of Katie Beckett children.

HB296 (Education) Revises formula for school district salary-based apportionment of state funds.

HB297 (State Affairs) Provides that only the state Board of Examiners can authorize the accumulation of vacation time above statutory limits.

HB298 (State Affairs) Excludes from the definition of insurance companies intergovernmental programs by state political subdivisions.

HB299 (State Affairs) Makes regional administrators and assistant administrators in Division of Environmental Quality nonclassified employees along with all public information officers, all deputy directors of departments appointed after July 1, 1995.

Introduced In Senate

SB1214 (State Affairs) Sets up a Local Highway Technical Assistance Council.