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The Slice Time To Start Standing In Front Of The Mirror Again

Tue., Feb. 21, 1995

Spring is exactly a month away. Commence swimsuit anxiety now.

We wince: When we hear South Hill kids referring to their cozy residential streets as “the ‘hood.”

You know exactly what she means: First-grader Julia Frost has decided to quit reading the comic strip “Doonesbury.” Her reason? “You can never tell if one guy is one guy or that guy is the other guy.”

Still more kid stuff: A friend has an answering machine greeting that says she is too busy watching the O.J. trial to come to the phone. But her 7-yearold nephew didn’t realize it’s a joke. He left a message saying “When the trial gets over, will you call me?”

Sure, kid. In a couple of years.

A Wenatchee reader told about an 8-year-old boy who was watching a pro basketball game on TV when he announced, “I don’t like Charles Broccoli.”

Goes for Charles Barkley, too.

And without trying to be funny, Medical Lake’s Cheyanne Bogenreif, 4, refers to country singer Garth Brooks as Birth Grits.

Here are the recent cover teasers, YOU spot the trend: 1. “Acts of Courage for Mousy Girls” - Cosmopolitan. 2. “Ballsy Women” - GQ. 3. “The Danger Zone: Wicked Nails, Flipped-Out Hair” - Harper’s Bazaar.

This will shock you: A Spokane reader who recently had car trouble called to say she liked it better when gas stations didn’t serve espresso but did have mechanics on duty.

This won’t: More than a few panhandlers lie. Check out “Frontline,” tonight on PBS.

Slice answers: Julie Moe and others said underwire bras do sometimes set off metal detectors. Kris Herrick and others said, no, they don’t.

This will never catch on: Alyssa Deaver has a radical idea. She thinks drivers should slow down when the streets are covered with snow and ice.

Warm-up question: What’s your best printable story about inexplicably addressing someone you know well by the wrong name?

Today’s Slice question (for those not born here): What was your first impression of Spokane, and has your view changed over the years?


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