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Congressman Attacks Bilingual Education

Wed., Feb. 22, 1995

A bill that would make English the national language and end all federal programs that promote bilingualism was introduced Tuesday by a New York congressman.

“Bilingual education is perhaps the most damaging of this politically correct government infatuation with language multiculturalism,” said Republican Rep. Pete King.

King said $3.15 billion has been spent since the federal Office of Bilingual Education was authorized in 1968 and that the Clinton administration’s budget for 1996 requests $300 million. “Efforts to promote bilingualism create divisions in American society and exclude non-English speakers from pursuing the American dream,” he said.

His bill would declare English the official language of the United States, require that citizenship ceremonies be in English, require that all federal publications and election ballots be in English and abolish the Office of Bilingual Education.

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