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Pr Official Yearning For Her Idaho Home

Local-girl-makes-good Khris Bershers, daughter of Bob and Louise Bershers of Hayden, is missing the green, green grass of home. And the mountains. And the lakes. The 1990 University of Idaho grad has been in Washington, D.C., for a couple of years, the last few months as press secretary for U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth, R-Idaho. But already Khris is thinking about moving back to Kootenai County - in five years or so. North Idaho Fair manager Barb Renner gave Khris her first job, at age 14, shoveling manure. Which is good training for a public relations job.

Over (bang!) and out: If you were eavesdropping on cellular phone conversations (which has become an illicit pastime in Bonner County), you might have heard this unusual sign-off between two Sandpoint teens: “I just shot myself in the foot; I’ll have to call you back later.” … The Sandpoint City Council, which has tried and failed to annex half of North Idaho, cried tears of relief when a rural northern area set one condition on its forced annexation: “We don’t want no stinkin’ chickens.” The crowing Sandpointers gladly banned the banties and welcomed the new city taxpayers aboard. … By the way, Sandpoint chauvinists can breathe easier now. The Feb. 27 People magazine article about Los Angeles Police Department detective Mark Fuhrman says nothing about his trials and tribulations with S-R photog Dan McComb. Or vice versa. Nor (whew!) does it mention anything about North Idaho Aryans. But it does show a nice picture of the home Mrs. Sandpoint Mayor is trying to sell Fuhrman.

Help! Help! Kootenai County Sheriff Pierce Clegg enjoyed forming a posse and leading it down into the sheriff’s office basement to answer an SOS call recently. Seems Bill Schwartz, county disaster services coordinator, had locked himself in his office and needed help getting out. Bellowed Bill to anyone who would listen: The lock malfunctioned. Few of the howling rescuers would. … When state Rep. Jeff Alltus, R-Coeur d’Alene, dumped a ream of computer paper outside the House chamber, Rep. Tom Dorr, R-Post Falls, worried aloud: “Is that a bill you’re going to introduce?” Dorr reads most legislation thoroughly.

Fan mail: Pat Raffee and her dog think the Huckleberry Hound needs “a more interesting life.” In the last episode of “Huckleberries,” I told of Pat’s strict adherence to Post Falls’ pooper-scooper law. Hmmmm. Maybe Pat and Fido are right. … Our Future Woman in Boise was guiding The Boss around the Idaho Statehouse when she spied House Speaker Mike Simpson. Howdya like to meet The Boss? asked she. Sure, replied King Mike, a Blackfoot dentist - after I brush my teeth. Hasn’t the guy ever heard of Certs? … Speaking of toothpaste, a Kootenai County secretary, who will remain nameless (but she is married to a sheriff’s deputy), tried a new brand one sleepy morning recently: Ben Gay. Hello!

Huckleberries: At first, I thought the Schweitzer ski report in the Bonner County Bee had a typo: “Eight K cross-country ski trails free for pubic use.” But after it had appeared several days in a row, I wasn’t sure. … Then, I read in the Coeur d’Alene Press, the Bee’s sister paper, “Pike seem to illicit a love/hate response from most fishermen.” I thought that was unlawful. … The best line about this major-league baseball-less spring comes from San Francisco Chronicle sportswriter Scott Ostler: “Visiting spring training this year is like going to a nude beach and discovering that it’s senior citizens day.”

Parting shot: U.S. Forest Service Chief Jack Ward Thomas and Panhandle National Forests super David Wright reacted the same when asked about Republican letters blasting grizzly recovery efforts: Huh? Apparently, Guv’ner Phil Batt and Idaho U.S. Sens. Larry Craig and Dirk “GQ” Kempthorne sent copies by fax to the media criticizing the Priest Lake program. And mailed the originals to Thomas and Wright. Glad to see the Republican Three have their priorities right.