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The Slice Any City With A Moose In The Streets Must Be Pretty Nice

One of Patty Morgan’s first impressions of Spokane upon arriving almost a year ago from California came from a TV newcast about a moose wandering into town.

She said she knew right then she would like it here.

States of confusion: “I’m constantly amazed that people in this community don’t realize that there is a difference between North Carolina and South Carolina or that they don’t border New Jersey,” said Rick Winiker, a law student who moved to Spokane from Charlotte, N.C.

But he knows locals aren’t the only Americans unfamiliar with the map. Not long after his wife, Allison Kratt, found employment in Hayden Lake, Idaho, her mom back in North Carolina called to ask how things were going with her new job in Utah.

Overheard in an elevator in the Farm Credit Bank Building: “My husband is finally going to let me have a hedgehog.”

More adventures with metal detectors: Deer Park’s John Funk doesn’t wear an underwire bra. But his hip replacement sure freaked out the security device at the Spokane airport. And the guard got pretty excited, too. “He was sure I had a weapon or something,” said Funk.

Answers bruin: Colleen Riccardi, Pam Place, Del Johnston, Marlene Getz, Laurel Bixby and Shannon Goodwin merit honorable mentions for their recipes for Grizzly Beary ice cream. But the T-shirt goes to Candi Norris of Post Falls, for her formula featuring dark chocolate ice cream, huckleberry sauce and gummy bears.

You expect misspellings: When you live on Calispel Street.

Kid stuff: When Aaron Roberts was about 3 and his family was returning from a trip, he saw the lights of the city from Sunset Hill and called out “I’m here, Spokane!”

J.B. Sing’s take on whiners: “Spokane - love it or leave it.”

Or how about “If it’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin’.” OK, maybe not.

Today’s Slice question: Who has the best in-laws in the Spokane area?


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