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Three Cheers For School’s Quick, Appropriate Action

Give me a B. Give me an O. Give me another O. Give me a Z. Give me an E. What’s that spell? Suspension. Nine Lake City High varsity cheerleaders were suspended three days from school and will sit out the state boys’ basketball tournament this week because they boozed it up at their national competition in Orlando, Fla. They deserve the punishment. Their actions brought discredit to their school and to the 10 other cheerleaders who didn’t participate in this Stupid Kid Trick. Meanwhile, LCHS administrators earn kudos for meting out punishment that fit the athletic code violation. Some school officials fudge rules for a star athlete, particularly with a big game on the line, and then wonder why their credibility is shot. It’s nice to know that doesn’t happen at Lake City.

Ninjas, Rangers no match for Teeny Munchkins

A class of Oregon second-graders has the Ninjas, Power Rangers and even “Looney Tunes” on the run. The Springfield youngsters pulled the plug on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” et al, after they began monitoring those programs for violence. Each student was assigned to watch a half-hour show and tally the violence: threats, hitting, kicking, use of weapons, bombings and other aggressive acts. The result? Out of a combined 12 hours of cartoon programming the students counted 621 incidents. Now, they don’t watch the shows, are boycotting sponsors, and have written protest letters to their representatives in Congress. Good thing these kids are in bed before “NYPD Blue” airs.

Don’t keep those cards and letters coming

For some reason, Kootenai County residents are pressing state Rep. Ruby Stone, R-Boise, for action on a constitutional amendment approved last fall. Stone? She’s chairwoman of the Local Government Committee. A subcommittee is working on legislation that allows counties to consolidate elected offices, expand commissioners’ boards, and adopt a county manager form of government. For some reason, though, the word’s not getting out. Coeur d’Alene area residents have bombarded her with angry letters demanding action on the amendment. She told North Idaho legislators: “If you’d get that back to your people, I’d appreciate it, and it would cut down on my mail.” Consider it done. But don’t you wonder why Kootenai County voters are so interested in changing their government? Hmmmm.