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Great Quotes Easy To Find In Whacky Year

Your year of years, good to the last quote. (And afterthought.)

“I’m not going to lose faith in all people or anything like that. It was one bad guy.” - Nancy Kerrigan, after getting whacked on the knee by a baton-wielding criminal during a January figure-skating practice. (Although, as it turned out, the bad guy used an awful lot of rouge and hydrogen peroxide.)

“Look, my mother is big and my father is big. If you put two fat cows together, what do you think you’re going to get, a giraffe?” - Dallas Cowboys lineman Nate Newton, 330 pounds and rising, on the eve of the Super Bowl in Atlanta. (Mooove over, Buffalo.)

“I wouldn’t.” - Evy Scotvold, Nancy Kerrigan’s coach, informed that Tonya Harding wanted to give Kerrigan a hug when the two met up at the Lillehammer Olympics in February. (And, gosh, there would be so much time for that later, anyway.)

“I’m dead.” - Seattle Supersonics coach George Karl, after his team was shocked by Denver in the first round of the NBA playoffs. (It’s not the long falls that get you, it’s those sudden stops.)

“The owners are unified behind a course of action that doesn’t make sense. They’re like a guy driving around lost, but congratulating himself that he’s making good time.” - NBC announcer Bob Costas, after baseball’s ruling heads canceled the 1994 playoffs and World Series. (This update: Still lost.)

“That sorry group - hairy legs, little skirts, and those tubas.” - Stanford football coach Bill Walsh, assessing the USC marching band in Lowell Cohn’s book “Rough Magic.” (Although, on second thought, Walsh never said it, denies it completely, apologizes profusely and - aw, the heck with it. He quits).

“I don’t mind when people know who I am. … I like being a role model for children.” - Tonya Harding. (And away we go.)

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