January 2, 1995 in Features

The Slice A New Attitude For 1995

By The Spokesman-Review

The inferiority complex got old, and the newer “We’re happening” smugness isn’t really becoming.

So how about this for Spokane’s 1995 attitude - “We like it here, who cares what anybody else thinks?”

OK, it’s a day late: But here’s our resolution. “Every day, try to visualize readers looking at the newspaper while in their underwear.”

They’re just calling it like they see it: Workplace cynics usually aren’t bad apples with chronically sour attitudes, according to an Ohio State University study reported by the Knight-Ridder news service.

Coming Thursday: Slipped on the ice stories.

Slice answer: In response to our question about memories of New Year’s Eve parties that would make great movie scenes, Spokane’s James L. Youngman wrote: “New Year’s Eve 1968, I was in my base camp of Phuoc Vinh, Vietnam. Christmas had been spent in the jungle on the western tip of the Iron Triangle. I was ticked off as was the rest of my squad for being in this hell hole. The battalion surgeon, Captain Stone, came to see if the shrapnel wound on my leg was healing OK and handed me a bottle of Jack Daniel’s for the squad. Half a bottle later, we loaded our weapons with tracer rounds that glow red when fired and stepped into the dark. At the stroke of midnight we were all going to shoot into the air on full-auto to simulate fireworks.

“‘Three-two-one, rock ‘n’ roll,’ I hollered. Six full automatic weapons burst forth with quite a display of red that went straight up into the air. Then, from what I have to estimate as two miles, multiple lines of green traces leapt from the jungle and mixed with ours for an awesome sight. You see, green was the color of communist North Vietnam’s tracer bullets. A total hush fell as the enemy continued their light display.”

If your name is Jim Beam: Call 1-800-747-8643, extension 4200.

Forget those post-holiday blues: Only 205 more Slices till Christmas.

Today’s Slice question: If the South Hill and the North Side were separate cities, what would be the perfect names for each?


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