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The Slice Some Of Those Customers Deserve A Little Bad Service

The thing about customer service that gets overlooked is the fact that a lot of customers enjoy being bullies.

Annual reminder: There’s no such thing as a “Spokane celebrity.”

Slice answers: Regarding our question about how chilly it has to get outside before certain people close all the windows, Kasey Kilgore wrote: “As a fresh-air fiend, I have to reply, it does not get that cold in this part of the Northern Hemisphere.”

Then there was this. “My son’s bedroom had nine windows and he left them open all winter long with his heater off. At 25, he still does it.” - from His Cold Mom

And after we asked who remembered that old Spokane radio show, “The Money Man,” Jayme Filzen showed us a journal kept by her late great-grandmother, Rosella Larson. In it, she had listed hundreds of the show’s questions, along with the correct answers and how much money the winners pocketed.

Tube pick: Tonight at 8 on KSPS and KUID, “Frontline” presents “The Nicotine War.”

Yes, but who wants to read messages having to do with our actual jobs: Companies dealing with rampant misuse of in-house E-mail systems will be a hot workplace issue in 1995. - The Wall Street Journal

Newspapers, on the other hand, are perfect: “TV is often described as a window on the world, or a mirror of it. I’ve come more and more to believe that it’s a big-screen billboard, a visual chunk of cyberspace, which bears less and less relation to anything real.” - James Wolcott, in The New Yorker

How to find her town: “I regularly describe Grangeville as being halfway between Spokane and Boise,” wrote Idaho’s Anne Long. “We are 175 miles south of Spokane.”

Another New Year’s Eve memory: Cathy Wimmers was at a charity ball being held in an upscale Chicago hotel when, to win a bet, she vamped her way down a long staircase in a highly seductive style. “I caressed that railinf. I tossed my hair. I dreamily opened and closed my eyes, as I gently swayed my hips with each pause of a step.” And she won the bet.

Warm-up questions: Which defines a person most - race, gender, religion, education/income, age, physical appearance or attitude about cross-country skiing? Which would you rather discuss in specific terms, masturbation or your salary? If the tellers at your bank wore swimsuits, would you be more or less likely to switch to direct deposit?

Today’s Slice question: What is Spokane’s most overlooked asset?