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Bob Soothes Pc Phobia

Fri., Jan. 6, 1995

Haven’t got a clue about computers?

Say hello to Bob, Microsoft Corp.’s latest attempt to make computers accessible to the technologically challenged.

Bob - so named because it sounds simple and friendly - is a software program that uses images of rooms in a home and colorful, cartoon-like characters to guide users through basic computer tasks such as writing a letter.

It’s aimed at the millions of people who have considered personal computers too complicated to use.

“What Bob will do is open up a lot of doors for people who might have been intimidated by computers,” said Microsoft spokeswoman Michelle Bowman.

The product is scheduled to go on sale March 31 for $99.

Bob consists of eight programs: a letter writer, calendar, checkbook, household manager, address book, e-mail, financial guide and GeoSafari, a quiz game.

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