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Most Popular Rentals

1.”Speed” (FoxVideo)

2.”Maverick” (Warner)

3.”When a Man Loves a Woman” (Touchstone) 4.”Blown Away” (MGM-UA)

5.”Guarding Tess” (Columbia TriStar)

6.”The Client” (Warner)

7.”Beverly Hills Cop III” (Paramount)

8.”I Love Trouble” (Touchstone)

9.”Wyatt Earp” (Warner)

10.”City Slickers II” (Columbia TriStar)

Top-selling tapes 1.”Speed” (FoxVideo)

2.”Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (Disney)

3.”Jurassic Park” (MCA-Universal)

4.”The Nightmare Before Christmas” (Touchstone)

5.”The Flintstones” (MCA-Universal)

6.”The 3 Tenors in Concert 1994” (AVision)

7.”Tombstone” (Hollywood)

8.”Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!” (Geffen)

9.”Playboy: 1995 Video Playmate Calendar” (Playboy)

10.”How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (MGM-UA)