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Neighbors Have Chip On Shoulder

Resort owner Bob Templin shocked a packed house at Post Falls City Hall last week by placing neighborliness next to godliness. Neighborliness, that is, when it comes to welcoming Micron Technology to town with open arms. And he had a few strong words for the heathen who want the computer-chip giant to go elsewhere. Said Bob: “If you’re not willing to share space with your neighbor, you’d better check your Christian attitude.” Afterward, several speakers prefaced their remarks with the statement: “I’m a Christian, too, but … “

A good neighbor? At the same meeting, resident Gene Reed worried aloud that nearby Rathdrum, rather than Post Falls, would land Micron’s $1.3 billion plant. Then, Post Falls would be stuck providing police, fire, roads, sewer and water for an influx of new residents without benefit of additional property tax revenues. But didn’t Bob say neighbors are supposed to share? … In the end, Post Falls councilors OK’d tax increment financing for Micron. Few Post Fallers know what TIF is or does but that doesn’t stop most of them from having an opinion on it, including Tim Herzog. Testified Tim: “I don’t understand tax increment financing, like a lot of us don’t, but I don’t see anything wrong with it.” Huh?

New Rear’s resolution: Watch for Coeur d’Alene Catholics to flock en masse to local health clubs - at least the ones from St. Pius X Church, that is. Father Andy Schumacher apparently wants his congregation to get fit in ‘95. Why else would the good padre wish in the church bulletin that parishioners have a “Happy New Rear”? Onward.

They love me … not: Crandon Crowell of Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry didn’t like the “Best of Huckleberries” item last week about the Lead Creek Derby urination contest. Writes he: “Just wanted to let you know that we have enjoyed your writing in The Spokesman … but I lost a lot of respect when I read your column in Monday’s paper. Your section of ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ was pretty off-color, bud!”

Mistaken identity: At The Bookery on Sherman Avenue, a harried tourist told owner Marge Winderman to keep an eye out for her husband while she visited another store downtown. The out-oftowner then described her spouse and left. Shortly afterward, a stranger fitting that description entered the used-book store, and Marge asked, “Are you looking for a wife?” No, responded he, “I have one already.”

Huckleberries: According to the legal notices, Starlet Ann Stowe had a simple explanation for changing her name to Crystal Rose Stowe: “I don’t like it, people forget it, nobody can spell it, they have difficulty understanding it when I pronounce it and then they call me Crystal.” So there. … If Thong Man ever tires of the controversy he causes here, he’s welcome at Fightin’ Creek. So says a Nickel’s Worth ad, which included the warning: “Guys wear at own risk!” … I’d love to know where this bulletin-board fodder came from: “When I die, I’d like to go peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather did; not screaming, like the passengers in his car were.” … Written in snow on the back of a Mazda pickup with Idaho plates recently: “I need a date. Catch me if you can.” The pickup on I-90 headed toward Spokane very, very slowly. … An official-looking sign in a Harbor Plaza window: “Latvian parking only.”

Parting shot: Rookie KREM-2 sportscaster Mitch Massey needs to sort out his John L’s. Twice, during a broadcast last week, he identified the football coach who’s leaving the University of Idaho for Utah State as John L. Williams. Of course, it’s John L. Smith. John L. Williams is a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But everyone makes mistakes. Right? Remember the time (tee-hee) when we identified UW’s Coach Jim Lambright as Wazzu’s Mike Price? … Shaddup.


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