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Serbs Add Conditions For Truce

MONDAY, JAN. 9, 1995

The Bosnian Serb military leader said Sunday his forces would not lift their blockade of Sarajevo until government troops withdrew from more territory on a strategic mountain south of the city.

The Serbs’ continued insistence on new conditions for implementing a fourmonth truce, following talks between Gen. Ratko Mladic and U.N. commander Lt. Gen. Sir Michael Rose, further imperiled the fragile accord.

It seemed unlikely the government army would accept such a demand, as it would wipe out gains from the army’s offensive in the mountains south of Sarajevo last fall.

Rose acknowledged there were “many different issues still to be discussed before the cease-fire is conclusive.”

The truce, which took effect Jan. 1, called for opening access routes into Sarajevo, withdrawing fighters, stationing U.N. forces between the opposing armies, and ending military activities nationwide.

But the standoff around Sarajevo has increasingly jeopardized it, as has fighting in the northwest that includes forces that did not sign the truce.

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