January 9, 1995 in Features

The Slice A Crust Would Cost 10 Cents Now

By The Spokesman-Review

Read ‘em and weep.

Spokane’s Dede McKay showed us a yellowed notebook in which she had carefully listed how much she paid for groceries back in 1941.

Brace yourself. Loaf of bread, 10 cents. Bananas, 10 cents. Salad dressing, 19 cents. Milk, 11 cents. Lettuce, 10 cents. Beans, 11 cents. Tomato juice, nine cents. Bacon, 25 cents. Had enough?

McKay recalls that her monthly grocery bill was around $20. “And my mother-in-law always insisted that I spent way too much,” she said.

Just wondering: What county could rightfully claim to be the Roadkill Capital of the Inland Northwest?

Parental Underachievement Award (Air Travel Division): Goes to those moms and dads who allow their children to stand in their seats and stare back at passengers in the next row. (Hey, it’s cute for a little while. But after a few hours, it gets old.)

Slice answers: What would be the perfect names for the North Side and the South Hill if they were separate cities?

It might not surprise you to learn that many of the suggestions tended to be a bit nasty. And inasmuch as most were submitted by folks who did not identify themselves, we are just going to skip it and move on. But not before mentioning that more than one reader, Renae Meredith among them, said the names should be Bedford Falls and Pottersville. (Not everyone agreed about which part of town should be which, however.)

Boomerang burglary: Carol Lane of Moses Lake said, well, let’s let her tell it. “My husband’s car was broken into. They took the knobs off of the stereo, and a case full of cassettes - mostly jazz, blues and some oldies. The next night the cassettes were returned. However, he never recovered the knobs.”

Warm-up question: What women’s restroom has the best graffiti?

Today’s Slice question: Which of your co-workers holds the record for the most phone calls in one day from a spouse or significant other?


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