Idaho Legislative Log


HJR1 (Stoicheff) Allows electorate to amend the Idaho Constitution by initiative.

HJR2 (Stoicheff) Amends Constitution to allow cities, counties, municipal corporations and taxing districts to levy nonproperty local option taxes.

HJR3 (Stoicheff) Deletes requirement that taxes be uniform on same class of subject, provides that market value for assessment purposes for a piece of real property will not go up more than 4 percent per year.

HCR1 (Newcomb, Stoicheff) Authorizes joint session of House and Senate Jan. 9 for governor’s State of the State message.

HCR2 (Newcomb, Stoicheff) Authorizes joint session of House and Senate Jan. 11 for governor’s budget message.

HB1 (Simpson) Makes technical changes in barber licensing laws.

HB2 (Simpson) Authorizes Board of Pharmacy to recover hearing fees and costs.

HB3 (Simpson) Makes Idaho law on controlled substances conform to federal regulations.

HB4 (Simpson) Renews state acceptance of latest amendments to federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

HB5 (Simpson) Provides that Real Estate Commission may accept or reject voluntary license termination of licensee subject to investigation or disciplinary action.

HB6 (Simpson) Permits state Board of Podiatrists to charge examination fee equal to that charged by national examining entity.

HB7 (Simpson) Gives Idaho Human Rights Commission subpoena power.

HB8 (Simpson) Revises definitions of available phosphate.

HB9 (Simpson) Increases annual license renewal fee for state Board of Environmental Health Specialists.

HB10 (Simpson) Increases allowable gross load on tandem axles spaced more than eight feet apart.

HB11 (Simpson) Eliminates additional tonmile fee for vehicles hauling nonreducible loads.

HB12 (Simpson) Provides representation for the oil crop commodity on the state Seed Advisory Board.

HB13 (Simpson) Increases fee to be collected from dairy processors from three mills to four mills per pound of butterfat.

HB14 (Simpson) Requires law enforcement officers to forward to Idaho Transportation Department only accidents involving injury or death or property damage over $750.

HB15 (Simpson) Increases livestock disease control fee from 18 cents per head to 22 cents per head.

HB16 (Simpson) Provides that bids received by a public agency are exempt from public disclosure until a bid is awarded.

HB17 (Simpson) Provides for adoption of Idaho Coordinate System of 1983.

HB18 (Simpson) Requires health maintenance organizations applying for certificate of authority after Jan. 1, 1995, shall maintain deposit with director of insurance.

HB19 (Simpson) Authorizes director of insurance to make public any final or preliminary examination report during the course of any examination.

HB20 (Simpson) Requires insurers to file reports with Department of Insurance disclosing material transactions.

HB21 (Simpson) Adopts Risk-Based Capital for Life or Health Insurers Act.

HB22 (Simpson) Exempts from public disclosure business addresses and phone numbers retained by public agency pursuant to licensing requirement.

HB23 (Simpson) Provides that Real Estate Commission may assess costs and attorney fees against licensee for investigative or administrative proceedings.

HB24 (Simpson) Provides that all authorized insurers or surplus lines insurers shall file with the director of insurance statement indicating coverages provided by the insurer.

HB25 (Simpson) Removes prohibition against licensees splittling commission with either party to a specific real estate transaction.

HB26 (Simpson) Allows individual members of Commission on Pardons and Parole to conduct interviews of inmates being considered for parole.

HB27 (Simpson) Deletes sunset clause in Employment Security Law.

HB28 (Simpson) Appropriates $500,000 for Department of Employment for purchase of real or personal property.

HB29 (Simpson) Provides that final decisions of Public Employee Retirement Board will be served on all interested parties by first-class mail.

HB30 (Simpson) Allows benefit to be paid for a court-ordered “Miller” trust.

HB31 (Simpson) Allows Public Employee Retirement Board to refer a member eligible for disability retirement to a vocational rehabilitation program.

HB32 (Simpson) Exempts from public disclosure information on Public Employee Retirement System portfolio which if disclosed could jeopardize value of the investment.

HB33 (Simpson) Allows political subdivision to withdraw from Public Employees Retirement System upon written notice.

HB34 (Simpson) Strikes reference to where chemigation fees are to be remitted.

HB35 (Simpson) Makes technical changes in laws on pesticides.

HB36 (Simpson) Deletes prohibition on sale of alcoholic liquor by state liquor store on election days.

HB37 (Simpson) Provides for furlough of prisoners for purposes of diagnosis or treatment of a serious illness or injury.

HB38 (Simpson) Amends law on revocation of a hunting license for improper handling of a weapon.

HB39 (Simpson) Authorizes rulemaking to cover purchase of fish and game licenses by telephone.

HB40 (Simpson) Changes distribution of fees, fines and forfeitures for Fish and Game violations.

HB41 (Simpson) Deletes age limitation on receiving telecommuniations service assistance.

HB42 (Simpson) Clarifies filing requirements for motor carriers to conform to federal law.

HB43 (Simpson) Increases per diem payment for members of state Board of Tax appeals to $150.

HB44 (Simpson) Broadens prohibition on the providing of false information on application for fish and game licenses and tags.

HB45 (Simpson) Provides limited enforcement authority to reserve conservation officers.

HB46 (Simpson) Makes changes in law on fish and game computerized licensing system.

HB47 (Simpson) Allows Real Estate Commission jurisdiction over persons engaged in real estate business without proper license.

HB48 (Simpson) Strikes obsolete language in laws on Real Estate Commission.

HB49 (Simpson) Strikes obsolete references in laws on real estate brokers.

HB50 (Simpson) Provides for expanded definition of “estate” subject to estate recovery claim.

HB51 (Simpson) Provides for liens on property of estates subject to an estate recovery claim.

HB52 (Simpson) Changes law on childsupport payments for child in physical care of person or entity other than its parents.

HB53 (Simpson) Provides that execution against an asset or income of an obligor for child support has priority over execution against the same asset or income for any other purpose.

HB54 (Simpson) Makes technical changes in definition of employee undere Public Employee Retirement System.

HB55 (Simpson) Provides that certain honoraria for members of boards, commissions and councils shall not be considered salary to be eligible for public retirement system.

HB56 (Simpson) Requires employers to provide certain information on new or returning employees within 30 days.

HB57 (Simpson) Makes technical changes in laws on authority of Department of Health and Welfare.

HB58 (Simpson) Authorizes registration of births and deaths as directed by state registrar.

HB59 (Simpson) Amends regulations on establishing paternity.

HB60 (Simpson) Reduces from $1,000 to $300 maximum penalty against employer who refuses to employ or takes disciplinary action against absent parent subject to income withholding order.

HB61 (Simpson) In instances where court has determined that the father of a child is other than the husband of the mother, natural father may be entered on birth certificate.

HB62 (Simpson) Makes technical changes in law on veterans.

HB63 (Simpson) Amends laws on collection of child support.

HB64 (Simpson) Adds exception for certified euthanasia agencies under veterinarian laws.

HB65 (Simpson) Provides that Health and Welfare may authorize sheriff to levy upon an obligor for payment of past-due child support.

HB66 (Simpson) Provides for the collection of additional fees for the processing of fingerprint cards.

HB67 (Simpson) Permits director of Department of Law Enforcement to provide group term life insurance to all eligible police officer members of the department.

HB68 (Simpson) Transfers control over Abandoned Vehicle Trust Account from Transportation to Department of Law Enforcement.

HB69 (Simpson) Establishes fee for the processing of fingerprints.

HB70 (Simpson) Changes county budget process.

HB71 (Simpson) Allows Public Employee Retirement Board to be plan administrator for supplemental retirement plans.

HB72 (Simpson) Authorizes Water Resource Board to acquire water rights by gift.

HB73 (Simpson) Amends laws on management of critical ground water area.

HB74 (Simpson) Provides penalties for violation of rules on use and protection of park and recreation areas.

HB75 (Simpson) Provides for simplified form for use by state registrar in changing a birth dertificate upon an Idaho court’s determination of a child’s paternity.

HB76 (Simpson) Amends definitions covering registration fees for vessels.

HB77 (Simpson) Provides that State Water Plan shall consist of two parts.

HB78 (Simpson) Provides that 20 percent of all taxable property shall be appraised each year to reflect current market value.

HB79 (Simpson) Increases maximum circuit breaker tax relief from $800 to $1,200.

HB80 (Simpson) Increases recorders’ fees.

HB81 (Simpson) Makes state responsible for funding catastrophic medical indigency fund or CAT fund.

HB82 (Simpson) Provides for $1 administrative fee for mail renewal of Class D driver’s licenses.

HB83 (Simpson) Provides that state Board of Examiners may issue deficiency warrants for cost of emergency remedial work necessary to protect life and property.

HB84 (Simpson) Revises state laws on forfeiture of property used for criminal purposes.

HB85 (Simpson) New Idaho Civil Forfeiture Act.

HB86 (Simpson) Clarifies status of field counselors assigned to rehabilitation division of Industrial Commission.

HB87 (Simpson) Provides for protection in domestic water systems from substances known to cause injury to public health.

HB88 (Simpson) Makes changes in laws on the regulation of securities.

HB89 (Stoicheff) Adds requirement for disclosure of administative expenses by charitable organizations.

HB90 (Robison) Provides that state laws and procedures for the adjudication of water rights shall provide a fair and impartial forum for the determination of the public interest.

HB91 (Robison) Bars director of Department of Water Resources and any local rental committee from imposing terms and conditions on rental of storage water from a rental pool which would modify pre-existing order of priority.

HB92 (Robison) Provides that any person may petition the Water Resource Board to change the State Water Plan.

HB93 (Miller) Includes student government of any state funded college or university in definition of public agencies subject to Open Meeting Law.

HB94 (Miller) Provides for limited exemption from property taxes for certain property occupied by the elderly.

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