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The Slice These Faces Need A Little Skin Lotion

Tue., Jan. 10, 1995

It’s not that people around here aren’t friendly.

It’s just that the cumulative effect of tens of thousands of Inland Northwesterners simultaneously suffering from the heartbreak of winter-related dry skin isn’t pretty.

Slice answers: Mike Cannon said Spokane’s most overlooked asset might be the community colleges.

Jamie Fiorino nominated Whitworth College and “Anything open 24 hours.”

M. N. Silva predicted 1995’s hottest Inland Northwest lifestyle trend: “People will scrape the animal dung off their boots.”

And remember when we said we were through with the question about what the South Hill and North Side should be called if they were separate cities? We lied.

Doug Leonetti suggested the South Hill could be called Manito Heights and the North Side, Ponderosa Pines.

Pamela Stark said the South Hill might be named Snooterville while the North Side could be Hooterville.

Congratulations: To KPBX-FM, on its 15th anniversary.

Survey this: Less than 1 percent of women said they would be flattered if asked by a man at work to engage in sex, according to a University of Arizona survey reported in The Wall Street Journal. Among men, 13 percent said they would find such a proposition flattering.

Lois Watts wonders: “Do Spokane homes house fictitious people living as family members? We do. Millie is the housekeeper. James is the handyman. They leave notes about chores they need help with and also leave thank-you notes.”

Stronger than dirt: Sandy Andersen of Post Falls knew she needed a timeout when she caught herself taking clothes out of the dryer and putting them into the washing machine. “I thought, gee, these clothes are so warm,” she wrote.

Today’s Slice question: What Spokane TV news performer makes you mutter uncensored remarks?


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