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Law Officers Kill Escapee, Capture Another

Two of the five killers who tunneled out of a state prison in Belle Glade, Fla., eight days ago, triggering the largest manhunt in Florida history, were captured Tuesday night in West Dade.

Following a tip, a task force of 65 to 70 agents, using helicopters and cars, converged on the convicts in the sparsely populated, wooded area around Northwest 12th Street and 118th Avenue at about 8 p.m.

One of the convicts, Armando Junco, 62, was shot by a Miami police officer and died. The other escapee was captured, apparently unharmed. He was identified as Florencio Alvarez, 39.

The officers converged on a small, makeshift hut, one of several made of cardboard, aluminum and other materials, said one witness.

“Bums live in them,” he said. “The last thing I expected to find was these guys out here,” said Carlos Armely, 31.

The escaped killers had been on the loose since the night of Jan. 2. The five, plus another convict who was recaptured immediately, dug a 45-foot-long tunnel from the prison chapel at Glades Correctional Institution and emerged beyond a security fence. All five men were serving life sentences for murder.

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