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Lists Help Give Priority To Goals

SUNDAY, JAN. 15, 1995

Life lists are important, says human resource consultant Jennifer Leake, “because we tend to be visual.” Putting goals on paper “helps crystallize your image of where you want to be.”

Start the process by flexing your imagination. “No idea is too crazy, too wild or too impossible,” says Leake. “Think big!”

From this preliminary list, begin selecting realistic goals by examining your priorities. Consider commitments to family, career, spirituality, and physical and mental health.

Once you’ve determined which dreams reflect your values, you need to:

Develop a plan for achieving your goals, and a time frame.

Cultivate a sincere desire to succeed and confidence in your ability.

Create a list of your accomplishments, and add to it each time you reach another goal. “As that list grows,” says Leake, “so will your confidence.”


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