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The Slice The Holiday Cookies Were Extra Crunchy This Year

Mon., Jan. 16, 1995, midnight

“During my Christmas baking, I was cracking eggs, dropping the egg in the garbage and putting the shells in my bowl,” wrote a reader who asked not to be identified by name.

Slice answers: We heard from a bunch of folks who have cats that are older than 20. A Siamese named Katie, 23, was the champ. Among the runners-up were Mouse, Elsie, Helen and Tai-Ki. But our favorite letter came from Odessa’s Shannon Finck: “I just wanted you to know that my cat is older than me. I am 10, and my cat Che-Che is 21.”

And the winner of our “Best Hot Chocolate” poll was The Riverside Galleria Espresso, at Riverside and Browne in downtown Spokane.

Recharging your sex life: “If you can, send him a provocative E-mail at work.” - McCall’s magazine

TV Bashing is Fun Department: “Is it me or are TV news reporters at Q-6 and other stations required to stand out in the cold to report their stories, regardless of the subject matter of their stories?” - Wizzy

And Bridget Piper volunteered to work with the local TV stations’ news teams to improve grammar and pronunciation. “Most abused are pronouns,” she faxed.

Women’s room graffiti: “The light in her eyes was just the sun shining through the hole in his head.” - seen by Terri Hartley of Post Falls

Looking ahead to Super Bowl Sunday: “Episode 4, ‘The Biology of Love,’ will air on January 29 and features actual footage of a female orgasm, capturing a specific behavior of the cervix on film for the first time.” - from a press release sent out by The Learning Channel on the series, “The Human Animal.”

Ranking the Jolly Rancher candy flavors: 1. Grape. 2. Apple. 3. Watermelon. 4. Peach. 5. Cherry. 6. Strawberry. 7. Orange. 8. Lemon.

It gets on Arne Sippola’s nerves when: People respond to “How are you today?” with “Good.”

You know you’re back in Montana when: “The bartender buys the third round.” - submitted by a Swell Paper colleague

Today’s Slice question: How can you tell if someone is in deep denial about Spokane not being Seattle?


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