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The Slice When Will The ‘Empire’ Finally Die?

A debate rages at Slice Headquarters. And only the readers can put the matter to rest.

When will “Inland Northwest” totally vanquish “Inland Empire” in the battle of monikers?

Lambykins calling: “(Identity deleted) calls and gets calls at least 50 times a day from her new husband. They have 30-second fights and then make up in the next two-minute call, ALL DAY LONG! It’s VERY annoying, to say the least. When they’re not fighting, they’re cooing and ga-gaing, which is worse than the fighting.” - Couldn’t Be Sicker

Women’s room graffiti: Marilyn Vandolah saw “My mother made me a lesbian” scrawled in a California truck stop.

Beneath that, someone wrote “If I buy the yarn will she make me one, too?”

And when she was in high school, Mollie Erickson wrote “I love Kevin” in the restroom of Godfather’s Pizza in the Spokane Valley. It stayed up for four years. And she and Kevin wound up getting married.

Just wondering: What makes delivery services think everyone is home during the day?

It has been said before: But it’s a good idea to occasionally ask little kids watching a TV commercial, “Can you tell me what they’re selling?”

True or false: “Slap Shot” was the pinnacle of Paul Newman’s career.

Slice answer: Winthrop’s Jean Dammann said the Methow Valley in Okanogan County is the Inland Northwest’s Roadkill Capital.

One thing even more disappointing than an apple that proves to be mushy: Getting a new co-worker who seems to be sane and then learning that he/she is a softball fanatic and thinks January is the time to start talking about it.

Warm-up questions: What is your dream job? What’s your best Southwest Airlines ticketing/ boarding story?

Today’s Slice question: Who is the Inland Northwest’s best bartender?