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Plane Crash Survivor A Theft Victim, Too

Wed., Jan. 18, 1995

A 9-year-old girl who was the only survivor of a plane crash last week says two farmers stole her gold necklace before others came to rescue her.

Erika Delgado appealed through her friend’s mother for the return of the necklace, which was a gift from her parents, Caracol radio said Monday.

Erika’s parents and brother died with 49 others when an Intercontinental Aviation flight crashed Jan. 11 near Cartagena, 425 miles north of Bogota.

Though wreckage was strewn over a half-mile of swampland and many bodies were recovered in pieces, Erika survived with only a broken shoulder and minor bruises.

Farmers found the crying girl lying on a thick pad of water lilies near several bodies and took her to a Cartagena hospital.

The hospital withheld news from her of her relatives’ deaths until the weekend so she could recuperate from the initial shock of the crash.

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