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Executive Gets His Mechanic To Fix Jury Duty

A Wall Street executive accused of getting his mechanic to do his jury duty for him has agreed to give up 500 hours of future free time as punishment.

Andrew Levinson, a vice president at Lehman Brothers brokerage, agreed to plead guilty today to criminal contempt, said clerk Vincent Homenick of Manhattan Criminal Court. He will be sentenced to 500 hours of community service, Homenick said Wednesday.

By allegedly getting his mechanic and family friend to sit in for him last August, Levinson became entangled in New York’s only confirmed case of juror impersonation.

But Homenick said Levinson is one of a large number of suspected jury delinquents, “and we’re going after them.”

“The days of just throwing your jury duty summons away are over,” he said.

Levinson’s lawyer, Austin Campriello, did not return a message Wednesday.

Levinson, 36, reportedly skipped jury service so he could take his wife to Italy to recover from months of tending to her terminally ill father.