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The Slice We Could Say Something About That…But We Won’t

A mother phoned to report that her 4-year-old son recently mistook the Review Tower for a jail.

(Fill in your own wisecrack here.)

A new No. 1: Odessa’s Kathy Romine and several other readers politely objected to our ranking of Jolly Rancher candy flavors. Their beef? The glaring omission of the hot cinnamon “Fire” from our list. “The other flavors are just thrown in for color,” said Romine.

Slice quiz: McKinley Morganfield is known by what name? (Find the answer near the end of the column.)

Is it just us: Or are those Jack In The Box commercials awful?

Kid stuff: “When my 3-year-old grandson lived in Florida, he received so many packages from his two grandmas via UPS that when he saw the UPS truck, he said ‘Here comes the PS Grandma truck.”’ C. L. Auvil, Chewelah

The need to think things through: Margot Wilson realized she wasn’t paying attention when she started to put hand lotion on her toothbrush.

You know, Maude’s daughter: TNT presents an Adrienne Barbeau film festival tonight, starting with “The Fog,” and concluding with “Escape From New York.”

You know you’re getting old when: Your fillings have to be replaced.

On the other hand, you might need those papers next week: About 60 percent of the material piled on your desk and up to 80 percent of the stuff in your file drawers could be safely tossed out, according to an efficiency expert quoted by the Knight-Ridder news service.

Wanted: Adult volunteers to help lead local Girl Scouts programs. (There’s more to it than camping and cookies these days.) Call (509) 747-8091 or (208) 743-3468.

Quiz answer: Muddy Waters. And no, you don’t win a T-shirt for getting it right.

Warm-up question: Do you always seek out the wheelchair-accessible stall in public restrooms?

Today’s Slice question: Where were you 50 years ago?


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