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Stations Offer Marathon Coverage

Television plans for covering the O.J. Simpson trial:

Proceedings begin at 9 a.m. PST with a hearing to discuss various issues, including whether Simpson’s ex-wife Marquerite Simpson will testify. Opening statements are scheduled for 10 a.m. but could be delayed.

Cable television’s Court TV and E! Entertainment Television will offer gavel-togavel coverage. Cable News Network (CNN) will offer extensive live coverage.

Fox plans to air a continuous feed from the courtroom’s pool cameras for its broadcast affiliates to use at their discretion.

ABC, CBS and NBC will revert to regular daytime schedules after covering the beginning of today’s opening statements.

ABC, CBS and NBC then will opt for “O.J. minutes” or brief hourly or periodic trial updates. They also have pledged to provide live coverage of the trial’s major developments.

The programs “American Journal,” “Inside Edition” and “Hard Copy” are moving their anchor desks to the courthouse site.

xxxx “Days of our lives to be filled woth O.J. trial.”