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First Lady Says She Rejects New Age ‘Gurus’

Hillary Rodham Clinton, piqued by a report linking her with a New Age author, says she has “no gurus, spiritual advisers or any other New Age alternative” to her Methodist religion.

The first lady says author Marianne Williamson is a political supporter with “an intriguing view about popular culture.” However, Williamson is not playing any spiritual role in her life, Clinton said.

“It is factually true that I have met with Ms. Williamson,” Clinton wrote in a Jan. 20 letter to Esquire magazine. But she added that as first lady, she has “met with Americans of every stripe.”The letter to Esquire editor in chief Edward Kosner was released by the magazine Wednesday. It is scheduled to be published in the April edition.

Clinton’s missive came in response to a brief story in a gossip column in the January edition of Esquire. It that said Hillary Clinton “has become tight” with Williamson, a best-selling author.

Williamson “is neither my ‘guru’ nor spiritual adviser,” Clinton wrote. “I believe those who publicized her visit want to marginalize my expression of faith as a Christian. …I have no ‘gurus,’ spiritual advisers or any other New Age alternative to my Methodist faith and traditions.”


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