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Legislative Action

Confirmed By Senate

Robert Sobba, Caldwell, director of Department of Law Enforcement. Pamela Ahrens, Boise, director of Department of Administration.

Killed by Senate

SJR101 (Thorne, Parry and Beck) - Proposed constitutional amendment to require 60 percent supermajority to raise tax or revenue from fees.

Introduced In House

HB153 (State Affairs) - Allows franchises granted by city councils for electric, natural gas or water service to run from 20 to 50 years unless otherwise agreed to by utility or cooperative electrical association.

HB154 (Education) - Expands Head Start services to approximately 204 eligible children this year.

HB155 (Education) - Provides that school psychologist meeting requirements of state Board of Education may provide services as an elementary school counselor.

HB156 (Revenue and Taxation) - Cuts property taxes by $40 million by eliminating local taxes for school operations and replaces with general state revenue.

HB157 (Revenue and Taxation) - Cuts property taxes by allocating $10 million each to cities and counties and $20 million to school districts.

HB158 (State Affairs) - Sets out new conditions for the use of underage agents to purchase tobacco products as part of an undercover investigation. Introduced In Senate

SB1048 (Judiciary and Rules) - Provides that protective orders may be renewed for terms of one year each.

SB1049 (Judiciary and Rules) - Clarifies that peace officer may make arrest at scene of a domestic disturbance without having witnessed the crime.

SB1050 (Judiciary and Rules) - Provides for the extraterritorial authority of peace officers.

SB1051 (Health and Welfare) - Redefines emergency and hazardous substance incident under Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Act.

SB1052 (Health and Welfare) - Amends definitions relating to emergency medical services.

SB1053 (Health and Welfare) - Repeals authorization for Medically Needy Program.