July 1, 1995 in Features

L.A. Woman’s Lifestyle Takes On Whole New Hue

Compiled By Staff Writer Dan Web

Loose talk

CBS anchor Dan Rather on being humble: “When you’re on national television, you’re constantly sniffing a NASA-grade rocket fuel of the ego. Once you start inhaling, you’re in trouble. I try not to inhale too often.”

If prostitutes are victims, then Divine Brown seems to have gained status by being arrested.

The Los Angeles prostitute is the one allegedly caught in a compromising situation Tuesday with British actor Hugh Grant.

She’s being courted by British tabloids. The London Sun even put up “WANTED” posters along in L.A. that promise $150,000 for an interview. American tabs, ever pragmatic, apparently haven’t joined the frenzy. As one editor said, “There wasn’t a whole lot of dialog other than, ‘OK, get in the car.”’

But Sheri Spillane of the Ruth Webb Talent agency is ambitious. “The obvious is a book deal,” she said. “She has a story about life on the streets and what led her to that moment. There’s so much interest it’s unbelievable. I would be surprised if there wasn’t a movie of the week in the works already.”

The Anne Boleyn of her day is still going strong

Princess Diana turns 34 today.

And then Oscar, the little rascal, replied…

OK, one more Hugh Grant item and then enough for today. When the British actor arrived home in London on Friday, some 40 inquisitive journalists showed up for his reunion with model Elizabeth Hurley. This is a quote from one story: “At one point a dog was heard barking inside the house. An unidentified man said, ‘shut up, Oscar.’ Then a woman said, ‘Yes, shut up Oscar.”’

Say, was Hugh Grant driving a white Ford Bronco?

Back to the important stuff. Namely, the O.J. Simpson trial. “Out there in Los Angeles at the O.J. Simpson trial, the prosecution now says it can perhaps wrap up its case next week,” says David Letterman. “Legal experts believe that right now, this very minute, the jury is divided equally, 50-50. Half of them think they’ll write a book, half think they’ll write a TV movie.”

It’s the price, uh-huh, uh-huh, he pai-aid, uh-huh, uh-huh

Gene Siskel may not be an ace film reviewer, but he sure is a shrewd investor. The $2,000 he paid for the white disco suit worn by John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” was parlayed into $145,000 at an auction Wednesday in New York. An anonymous European collector paid the tab.

Besides, Oddjob was hot on his trail

Claiming he’s changed, actor Christian Slater has “gotten rid of” his handgun collection. Arrested last December for carrying a loaded pistol in a New York airport, Slater now says, “I put all of that childish James Bond behavior behind me.”

We think she should have changed it to Myron Floren

Judy Tenuta is no more. The accordion-playing comedian is now billing herself as Sasse’ - which she pronounces as sas-SAY.

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