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New Laws For Drivers Hit The Road Today

Starting today, Idaho drivers will have several new laws to follow.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, these are some of the new laws passed during the last legislative session:

Driver’s license renewal: Drivers now may renew their licenses my mail.

Rather than having to make a special trip to the county licensing office, the Transportation Department will mail renewal forms to those with standard driver’s licenses 60 days before the license expires.

The form must be completed, signed and returned to the local sheriff’s office with the required renewal fee of $21.50.

A renewal sticker then will be mailed to the driver to stick to their license.

Anyone between the ages of 21 and 69, whose license is not suspended, has no medical or vision restrictions and has no other license stipulations is eligible to participate in the program.

A license can be renewed by mail once, but the next renewal must be done in person.

For the program to work, the Transportation Department needs to have drivers’ current mailing addresses. Failure to receive the renewal form by mail is not an excuse for late renewal, according to the department.

Possession of marijuana by a minor: Anyone under the age of 18 found guilty of possession of marijuana will have their driving privileges suspended for no more than one year and can be fined up to $1,000 or ordered to spend 90 days in the juvenile detention center.

On their second offense, their driving privileges can be suspended for up to two years, along with the detention time and possible fine. The youth also may be required to undergo substance abuse evaluation or treatment.

Passenger safety for children: A Senate bill made “any person transporting a child” responsible for making sure that child is properly restrained in the vehicle, rather than just making the parent or guardian responsible.

Motorcycle fees: The fee for adding a motorcycle endorsement to a driver’s license will be reduced from $20 to $11.50. However, the fee for driver’s licenses will increase by $1. That extra dollar will go to the Department of Education to fund the motorcycle training course.

Common-law marriages: No common-law marriages will be recognized after Jan. 1, 1996. In regards to last names as they appear on driver’s licenses, a driver’s license issued prior to Jan. 1 under the existing law shall not be invalidated when the old common-law regulation no longer is recognized.

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