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Homeowner Catches Two Burglars In Act

While going out to shut his garage door, a Spokane Valley homeowner got a big surprise when he flipped on the lights.

Two men were in his garage taking two bikes down from their place on ceiling hooks.

Startled, both men bolted.

The homeowner - who stands a muscular 6 feet tall - gave chase, snaring one suspect.

Danny Seaman, 20, of 1123 W. Montgomery, was booked into the Spokane County Jail late last Thursday for residential burglary and an outstanding warrant.

The man who owns the house did not want to be identified.

The 30-year-old homeowner - who was barefoot and wearing only shorts - still had his daughter’s baby bottle in hand as he chased the two men around the corner from his house on the 14100 block of East 13th.

The fleeing men split up, with one continuing down 13th and the other running through some bushes and north along Best.

The homeowner hurled the bottle at the two in frustration. He was just about to give up the chase when one did something the homeowner called “stupid.” He turned to yell an obscenity at the homeowner.

“I thought, ‘I’ll just stop”’ he said. “I didn’t know if he had a gun or knife or not. Then I thought, ‘What the hell.”’ The homeowner caught the suspect about two blocks away.

“I grabbed him by the back of the neck and he fell on the ground and curled up into the fetal position,” he said.

The homeowner marched the suspect back to his house, then sat him on the curb in front of his neatly kept yard, waiting for deputies to arrive - light beaming from the gold-colored fixtures on the house and the street light above.

The other suspect got away, deputies said.

“It shocked me,” the homeowner said. “I’ve learned a lesson from all of this, though. I’m not going to leave my garage door open as much as I did before.”

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