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Gordons Relish Home


There was little doubt that Dave and Emily Gordon were glad to be back home in Kettle Falls after a 12,000-mile journey that started in midFebruary and included six weeks on the flanks of Mount Everest.

“I can’t tell you how damn good it is to be back home,” Gordon told the Colville StatesmanExaminer recently.

At 55, Gordon was attempting to be one of only a handful of climbers over 50 to reach the top of the world. He worked putting in routes and hauling supplies to 25,000 feet, but never got a chance to try for the 29,028-foot summit.

Gordon seemed content with his effort, even though 13 climbers and Sherpas from his expedition made the top. “There are old climbers and bold climbers, but no old and bold climbers,” he said.

Emily Gordon managed the base camp on the expedition. Everest is a dangerous place, but they suffered no injuries, although they endured several gastrointestinal disorders that were adventures in themselves.

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