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Campers Can Reserve By Phone

Instead of driving in circles looking for a vacant campsite, car campers will soon be able to reserve a site over the telephone.

A new computerized phone-in reservation system for state parks in Washington and Oregon has been approved by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

Set to go on line in January, the phone system will replace the states’ old mail-in reservation systems, and is expected to boost revenues by $2 million.

Campers will be able to call a centralized number to make their request and will know immediately if the campground is filled. They will be able to ask for referrals to another campground where space remains and pay over the phone by credit card.

Under the old system, campers mailed in their reservation requests and then hoped the campsite was available. If it wasn’t, campers often had no time to make a request for another campground before it, too, was filled.