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Bogus Bus Driver Rapes Passenger


A woman who got on a Greyhound bus for a trip to Georgia was kidnapped and raped by a man who had stolen the vehicle, police said.

No one even realized the bus had been taken from a depot at Charlotte, N.C., until 22-year-old Samuel Rodriquez was arrested Sunday.

The Charlotte man was jailed on multiple charges, and police said he also was wanted in New York for another bus theft.

At a bail hearing on Monday, Rodriquez said: “I apologize.”

Investigators said Rodriquez stole the bus early Sunday and drove it to Georgetown, S.C., about 175 miles southeast of Charlotte.

In Georgetown, a 20-year-old woman waiting at a Greyhound station asked the driver if he was headed to Charleston, a stop on her trip to Georgia.

“The bus pulled in and the driver told her to get in,” sheriff’s Lt. Eddie Driggers said.

There was no one else on the bus, police said. The station at Georgetown is closed on Sundays; passengers can buy tickets when the bus stops at a terminal that is open.

Police said that Rodriquez took the woman on a 50-mile trip to North Charleston, where the woman said she was raped on the bus. She then was dropped off at a North Charleston bus station, where a manager helped her call police.

After the woman’s call, Highway Patrol officers arrested Rodriquez 22 miles away along Interstate 26.

Authorities weren’t sure how Rodriquez knew how to start the bus. Sweet said starting Greyhound buses requires knowledge of a sequence of switches instead of a key.


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