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Green Apple Quick Step Gets ‘Reloaded’

After the release of their first album, 1993’s “Wonderful Virus,” the members of Green Apple Quick Step could write a new-band primer based on their adventures.

Included would be the chapter in which the act realizes it is not its label’s priority, the one in which the band discovers that critical acclaim does not equal radio acceptance, and, the epilogue in which the group’s van is stolen midtour with all of its equipment inside.

Undaunted, the Seattle-based band has rebounded older and wiser with its stellar sophomore effort, “Reloaded,” from the Medicine Label.

“You can take the gear away, but you can’t take away the will to make the music,” says lead singer Ty Willman.

After the van incident, which happened in the midst of the band’s fourth U.S. tour to support “Wonderful Virus,” Green Apple Quick Step packed up what remaining belongings it had and headed home to record “Reloaded.”

The album was co-produced by Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard, whom the band met because they share management.

“Reloaded” opens with the blurry, psychedelic, largely instrumental “Hotel Wisconsin” before giving way to the biting punk of “No Favors,” the frolic-filled pop of “Dizzy,” (featured on “The Basketball Diaries” soundtrack), the languid acoustic rock of “Alligator,” and back to an instrumental at the end.

“We wanted to break people into the record,” says Willman. “I look at the record as a sandwich. The first and last tracks are the bread, and everything in between is meat. Even though I don’t eat meat.”

On this record, Willman splits vocal chores with bassist Mari Anne Braeden, giving the band increased versatility and a chance to show off the harmonic ability between the two.

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