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Reticent Boston Finally On Tour

Fans of the rock band Boston have had to wait nearly a decade for the Beantown rock band to embark on a national tour. Heck, they’ve had to wait a long time for anything to come from this band.

Boston, which plays The Gorge on Sunday, has taken 19 years - count them, 19 - to release only four albums. In fact, it has taken the band 16 years just to get its last two albums out - 1986’s “Third Stage” and last year’s “Walk On.”

The band, featuring brainchild-engineering wiz-guitarist Tom Scholz, is now hitting the road to support its fourth album, released last year.

Boston is perhaps best known for

its smashing eponymous debut album, whose songs “More Than a Feeling,” “Let Me Take You Home Tonight” and “Peace of Mind” continue to dominate classic rock airwaves across the country. Today, “Boston,” released in 1976, is ranked as the best-selling debut album in history.

The band followed up its first effort in 1978 with “Don’t Look Back.” It achieved multiplatinum sales.

With a promising career in full motion, the band suddenly disappeared from music. And it stayed away for nearly eight years.

By the time Boston was ready to record its third album, only Scholz and singer Brad Delp remained. So Scholz was forced to recruit new members.

Finally, in 1986, Boston introduced “Third Stage.” Like its predecessors, “Third Stage,” driven by the hits “Amanda” and “We’re Ready,” sold millions of units. Boston was back.

And then, Boston was gone, again. And the band stayed away until 1994.

Last year, Scholz launched Boston into the ‘90s with his fourth composition, “Walk On.”

This time, the rangeful vocalist Delp, who fronted the ill-fated Boston wanna-be RTZ (Return to Zero) in 1990, was nowhere to be found on the album. Though the recording doesn’t stray from Boston’s patented sound - sappy love songs married to dense, ‘70s guitar riffs - the other vocalists don’t quite measure up to Delp’s soaring vocals.

Now, Delp has returned to Boston. On this tour he has been singing alongside the band’s current vocalist, Fran Cosmo.

xxxx Boston Location and time: The Gorge, Sunday, 7 p.m. Tickets: $26.25 and $31.50 (the $42 are sold out), available only from Ticketmaster