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Wreckage Of B-24 Found In Amazon

A salvage team has recovered the remains of 10 American aviators from the wreckage of a B-24 bomber that crashed in the Amazon jungle 51 years ago.

The military investigators came upon the fuselage of the B-24 Liberator on July 4 after a 250-mile journey through remote, unexplored jungle in the northern state of Amapa, officials said Thursday.

After 16 days of digging and blasting the swampy soil with high-powered water hoses normally used by wildcat gold prospectors, the searchers recovered bone fragments and 77 teeth.

One investigator recovered a wallet containing family photos. Another pulled several 1944 dollar bills from the earth, said Allegretti.

The Liberator went down in a storm on April 11, 1944, while flying from Trinidad to Belem, a port city at the mouth of the Amazon River on Brazil’s northeastern shoulder.

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