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Rolling Stone Online A Lively Version Of Mag

Rolling Stone has joined the parade of magazines going digital. The venerable rock-culture mag claims that Rolling Stone Online, which premiered last month on CompuServe (Go:RSOnline), is proclaiming itself a distinct entity from the published version.

It sure is trying: It’s created a separate staff headed by former RS features editor Robert Love to run the operation, and if a look at the first edition is any indication, it is offering a serviceable supplement to the print version.

Take the Interactive Cover Story, whose first effort is pegged to Rolling Stone’s Jim Carrey cover interview. You’ll get the text of that story, plus audio (Carrey talking about therapists or his “Batman Forever” character, Ed Nygma), video, outtakes, photos, reviews of his movies and additional notes by the writer.

Although, sad to report, there was an error in the section labeled “data.” Carrey’s first (and largely forgotten) TV series “The Duck Factory” aired in 1984, not 1982.

The mag’s “Random Notes” is expanded by a daily news service and there are additional downloadable photos, sound samples, video clips, library of reviews and lots of charts.

The longtime Rolling Stone subscriber in us found the “Rewind” section - which looks back 20 years - lots of fun. Click on and you’re whisked back to RS 192 (July 31, 1975), where you’ll find, among other stories, an interview with “Jaws” star Richard Dreyfuss, and a report on John Lennon’s battle against U.S. immigration officials’ efforts to deport him.

Hey, it beats looking at that yellowing copy of the original moldering in the garage.

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