Alarm Log

The following alarms were reported by the Spokane Valley Fire District.

May 19

7:30 a.m. structure fire, E11600 block of 12th

8:54 a.m. breathing problems, N3800 block of Stevenson Road

9:34 a.m. vehicle accident, N100 block of University Road

9:55 a.m. unknown aid, Interstate 90 & Garry

12:55 p.m. trauma, E24500 block of Valleyway Avenue

2:41 p.m. Fall/traumatic back injury, E8100 block of Alki

3:12 p.m. unconsciousness, E13400 block of Sprague

3:28 p.m. vehicle accident, E9100 block of Montgomery

3:48 p.m. vehicle accident, N800 block of Dorn Court

4:16 p.m. Fall/traumatic back injury, E17400 block of 6th

5:12 p.m. unconsciousness, S1500 block of Mica Park Drive

6:25 p.m. vehicle accident, 16th and Sullivan

6:27 p.m. vehicle accident, Pines and Sprague

9:30 p.m. vehicle accident, E17000 block of Sprague

May 20

2:19 a.m. breathing problems, E7300 block of 9th

2:49 a.m. first aid, E7300 block of 9th

4:13 a.m. vehicle accident, Interstate 90 and Argonne

6:32 a.m. first aid, E14400 block of Wellesley

7:08 a.m. pregnancy, S2400 block of Cherry Court

7:21 a.m. stroke, N1300 block of Vercler Road

7:55 a.m. first aid, E13300 block of 9th

9:37 a.m. unconsciousness, E24500 block of River Road

10:20 a.m. unknown problem, E14100 block of Longfellow

10:44 a.m. psychiatric, E22600 block of Coronado

10:56 a.m. vehicle accident, Trent and Argonne

1:46 p.m. first aid, E14900 block of Mission

1:56 p.m. vehicle accident, E12500 block of Sprague

2:25 p.m. unconsciousness, S4300 block of Woodruff Road

3:57 p.m. trauma, N2100 block of Pines Road

4:23 p.m. stroke, E11700 block of Alki

5:36 p.m. grass/timber fire, S800 block of Sargent

5:37 p.m. trauma, E9800 block of Maringo Drive

8:51 p.m. vehicle fire, N4700 block of Mayhew Road

8:55 p.m. first aid, Upriver and Fruithill

May 21

1:04 a.m. heart problems, E8100 block of Sprague

1:47 a.m. trash fire, E11200 block of 36th

3:09 a.m. first aid, Trent and Sullivan

9:34 a.m. Fall/traumatic back injury, E9400 block of Montgomery

10:02 a.m. hemorrhage, N4600 block of Harvard Road

10:06 a.m. diabetic problems, S500 block of Sullivan Road

11:42 a.m. grass/timber fire, E11200 block of Dishman-Mica Road

1:13 p.m. heart problems, S500 block of Park Road

2:00 p.m. breathing problems, N5600 block of Starr

4:32 p.m. overdose/poison, E14800 block of 22nd

4:57 p.m. first aid, E8800 block of Trent

5:12 p.m. unknown problem, E23200 block of Melkapsi

6:17 p.m. first aid, E10100 block of Main

6:21 p.m. overdose/poison, S3300 block of Melissa Drive

6:43 p.m. breathing problems, E10100 block of Main

7:40 p.m. burns, N2600 block of Pines Road

9:11 p.m. structure fire, E11300 block of Maxwell

10:43 p.m. convulsions, E13500 block of Heroy

11:24 p.m. overdose/poison, S200 block of Adams

May 22

1:43 a.m. breathing problems, E10800 block of 12th

2:46 a.m. convulsions, S1700 block of Blake Road

10:48 a.m. stroke, E9300 block of Upriver Drive

10:53 a.m. first aid, E9800 block of Maringo Drive

1:35 p.m. convulsions, E11800 block of 1st

3:37 p.m. structure fire, E11900 block of 26th

4:55 p.m. Fall/traumatic back injury, S2200 block of Pierce Road

6:21 p.m. hemorrhage, N1400 block of Long Road

6:21 p.m. first aid, E8700 block of Harrington

8:14 p.m. chest pain, E23000 block of Joseph

9:53 p.m. smoke/unusual odor, E9300 block of Upriver

May 23

1:03 a.m. convulsions, E12400 block of 12th

2:36 a.m. first aid, N5700 block of Blue Skies

2:43 a.m. overdose/poison, E14900 block of 10th

7:55 a.m. breathing problems, S200 block of Adams

7:55 a.m. first aid, Interstate 90 and Idaho

8:05 a.m. vehicle fire, E09300 block of Montgomery

8:11 a.m. lockout, N4800 block of Mitchell Drive

10:47 a.m. smoke/unusual odor, E12000 block of Sprague

11:03 a.m. chest pain, S500 block of Park Road

11:56 a.m. Fall/traumatic back injury, E11100 block of Montgomery Drive

12:05 p.m. commercial alarm, N1300 block of Vercler

2:54 p.m. grass/timber fire, E16800 block of 44th

4:48 p.m. stroke, N2600 block of Barker Road

5:06 p.m. grass/timber fire, E5400 block of Broadway

6:17 p.m. stroke, N1500 block of Felts Road

7:10 p.m. vehicle accident, E5200 block of Sprague

May 24

12:10 a.m. trash fire, N03800 block of Sullivan

4:02 a.m. diabetic problems, E12200 block of 34th

5:54 a.m. breathing problems, N700 block of Bessie

7:00 a.m. breathing problems, E13200 block of 10th

9:36 a.m. heart problems, E6800 block of 10th

11:30 a.m. heart problems, E16500 block of Broad

12:21 p.m. vehicle accident, Pines and Sprague

12:41 p.m. breathing problems, E11900 block of 18th

12:51 p.m. vehicle fire, E12000 block of 24th

12:53 p.m. Fall/traumatic back injury, N500 block of Pines Road

1:04 p.m. vehicle accident, 12th and Progress

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